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Sermon Resources

Download these sermon outlines and graphics for use on the screen in your worship services. All free!

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Crazy Faith Slide Backgrounds

crazy faith sermon resources
crazy faith sermon resources
crazy faith sermon resources
crazy faith sermon resources
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crazy faith sermon resources
crazy faith sermon resources

Enjoy these free sermon outlines from the Crazy Faith book.
Compiled from the chapters of crazy faith, these make a great sermon series or small group discussions.

Sermon 1-Daniel Faces the King (taken from Chapter 2)
This outline will take you through the Crazy Faith it took for Daniel to stand up against King Nebuchadnezzar and what we can learn from his example.

Sermon 2-Elijah and His Decree
This study will show how Elijah stood alone and used Crazy Faith to make a decree to a world of false prophets and prove that he served the one true God.

Sermon 3-Moses and Epic Faith
Use this outline to teach how Moses used epic faith to lead the people out of Israel and how crazy faith prevailed despite doubt.

Sermon 4-Abram and the Gift of Life
Believing God will do what He says He will do is one of the key points in this sermon outline.

Sermon 5-Elizabeth Receives a Miracle
This study looks at a woman in Scripture who demonstrated Crazy Faith and carried the child who would be the predecessor of Jesus.

Sermon 6-Bring the Rain
This outline looks at how Noah believed God despite being made fun of and shows how we can stand and God will honor our stand.

About the Author:

Jack Eason is the Executive Director of Crossover Ministries International. In addition to Jack traveling and speaking, Crossover also has a mission in the Dominican Republic helping young girls learn how to sew and sharing the gospel through The Cups of Cold Water project. Jack, his wife, Lynette, and their two kids make their home in Greenville, SC.

About John Waller:

From his early days leading the critically-acclaimed band According to John to his impactful ministry as a solo artist, John Waller has continually used his gifts as a singer and songwriter to inspire, educate and encourage the body of Christ. With such powerful songs as "The Blessing" and "While I'm Waiting," Waller articulates what it means to live a God-centered life in a turbulent world.

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