Jack is a gifted fundraiser who encourages people to partner with the Creator of the Universe to achieve the mission. He also encourages people that when it comes to accomplishing a huge task, it takes an army of people.

If you are looking for someone to challenge your people without manipulation, but with sincerity and genuineness, ask Jack about coming to speak at your fundraising event.

Jack supports the work of three primary ministries in his fundraising efforts:
pregnancy resource centers, Christian non-profit radio stations, and missions agencies.

He understands the work of the non-profit sector because he runs his own that has been doing ministry for 30 years.

Jack’s insight into our center’s work has taken us to a new level! We are so thankful to have partnered and continue to partner with him.”


“Jack (Eason) did such an amazing job engaging our audience. He is very laid back but passionate about life and he really got that message across to our audience. He arrived the day before and joined our board of directors and myself for dinner. Jack was very encouraging to our board and gave great ideas that I cannot wait to implement this coming year! At the end of dinner, Jack spoke up and said, “You know, I am going to pray for $XX,XXX for this banquet.” The board and I just looked at each other and said ‘ok’ with a bit of trepidation. Later that evening when we were finished counting (the donations), I could only be amazed that we actually did over this amount! This was our best banquet ever!”



Jack enjoys speaking for your banquet and helping your organization raise the money it needs to go to the next level. He doesn't just blow in for the night, but comes in a day before to meet with you team, talk through the event, and be knowledgable about where your organization desires to see happen.

For Jack’s PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) Speaking Events:

These are handled exclusively through Ambassador Speakers Bureau.
With Jack’s schedule on the road and in the Dominican with the Crossover Cups Mission, Gloria does a great job working with PRCs.
Please contact her:
Gloria Leyda, Sr. Vice President, 615-370-4700 ext 235