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When you read verses like 2 Timothy 1:12 in the Bible and give them serious thought, the attitude that many of these people in scripture displayed seems somewhat ludicrous today, maybe even CRAZY. And yet, when you look at what God did in their lives, it took that kind of extraordinary faith in an extraordinary God to see extraordinary things happen. Maybe that is why today, we see few things that we would define as “Extraordinary.” We’ve become so accustomed to the mundane and ordinary. Yet it’s that CRAZY FAITH that makes all the difference. That is the purpose of this book: to highlight those people from the scriptures and those people who today exemplify CRAZY FAITH. People who have defied what logic told them to do; people who have trusted in what God said above what things looked like with the natural eye – people with CRAZY FAITH.

You can do it.

People did it through scripture.
People are doing it today.
Take the leap.

It's crazy faith.

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